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Drawing from our own experiences, we deeply understand the challenges of striving for one's full potential without the support of a national team. It is our unwavering commitment to alleviate these obstacles and enhance the lives of our athletes. Our mission is to minimize stress, alleviate worries, amplify focus, and foster continuous progression. By assuming responsibility for all organizational aspects, we empower our athletes to concentrate on their growth and development.

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Team Manager & Coach

Organizing and planning have always been strengths for Isabelle. She honed these skills further when she began competing in halfpipe skiing, receiving no support from her nation, and having to navigate the sport entirely on her own. Her journey taught her the requirements for athlete growth and progression and gave her invaluable experience.


Driven by her passion, Isabelle now seeks to channel her knowledge and firsthand encounters to benefit others. Her ultimate aspiration is to provide athletes with the opportunities she never had – the ability to wholeheartedly focus on skiing and excel at the highest level.

Meet our Athletes


Sabrina Cakmakli

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Moritz Klein

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Nanaho Kiriyama

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