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Our passion and mission revolve around fostering a nurturing environment where athletes can truly flourish. We are committed to creating opportunities for athletes hailing from countries without a national team, as well as those who may not meet conventional requirements or face unsupportive circumstances. Our aim is to provide them with all the necessary resources to thrive, grow, maintain focus, and excel in their performance.

Our dedicated staff shares a common background of not having access to such opportunities themselves. They began personal journeys of discovery, navigating the details of our sport without guidance. These experiences have granted them invaluable insights into what truly benefits athletes, shaping their understanding of the factors that influence progression and performance. Driven by this knowledge, we are motivated to pass on what we have learned and support the next generation of halfpipe skiing, while also aspiring to achieve noteworthy victories along the way.


A thriving team dynamic holds immense significance for us as we strive to create a supportive and positive environment for every individual within our team. To ensure this, we adhere to the following guiding principles that govern both our team members and athletes:

•    Team: Although our sport is inherently individual, we function as a united team. We celebrate each athlete's achievements as if they were our own and provide support in every possible way.

•    Mindset: Our team is built upon a foundation of a strong mindset and work ethic. As dedicated professionals, we continuously strive for excellence, aiming for the pinnacle of our sport. Driven by passion, we invest wholeheartedly in our pursuits, giving our utmost effort every day.

•    Basics: The importance of laying a solid groundwork cannot be overstated. We prioritize the fundamentals and diligently build upon them, recognizing that progress is achieved step by step, ultimately leading to remarkable accomplishments.

•    Fun: Freestyle skiing is not merely about competition results; it is a lifestyle sport that offers a sense of personal enjoyment. We embrace the spirit of self-fulfillment, relishing in what we love while exploring different corners of the world.

By upholding these core principles, we foster a team environment that cultivates growth, camaraderie, and the sheer joy of pursuing our passion.

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