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Our passion and mission are to create a supportive environment for athletes to thrive in. Creating opportunities for athletes from countries without a national team, for those who don’t meet the requirements or have unsupportive nations. Giving them the chance to have everything that they need to grow, progress, focus and perform.


Our staff personally never got these types of opportunities. They were left to figure out everything by themselves. This created learning journeys about all the ins and outs of our sport. We learned what is in the best interest of athletes and what impacts their progression and performance. We are motivated to share and use what we have learned to support the next generation of halfpipe skiing.

Hopefully win some medals along the way.


A good team dynamic is important to us, we want to create a supportive and positive environment for everyone on the team. For that reason, we run our team by these guidelines, for our team members as well as our athletes.


  • Team – Our sport is an individual sport, but our team is a team. We celebrate each athletes milestone as if they were our own and we support each other in every way that we can.

  • Mindset – Mindset and work ethic are the foundation of this team. We are professionals who are performing and aiming for the highest level of our sport. We put in the work because we are passionate about it. We give it our all every day.


  • Basics – Basics are everything, we focus on the groundwork and build from there. Step by step is the only way to get to the top.


  • Fun – Freestyle skiing will forever be a lifestyle sport, it is not just about competition results, it is about self-enjoyment, doing what we love while seeing the world.

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