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International Halfpipe Team - World Cup Circuit

Our full-time program serves as the cornerstone of our offerings. It is carefully designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance to athletes on the full-time team. We take charge of organizing and scheduling all aspects, including training sessions and competitions throughout the winter season, with a primary focus from October through March.

This program is led by a dedicated full-time head coach and team manager. It caters to athletes already competing on the World Cup circuit or those aspiring to do so. The program is tailored to relieve athletes of burdens and facilitate their journey towards reaching their full potential. We offer exceptional support and individual training plans, ensuring steady progression and enabling athletes to achieve their personal goals.

Key inclusions of our full-time program are as follows:

•    Comprehensive organization, including trip planning, training arrangements, and competition registrations.
•    Individualized training plans and goal-setting in collaboration with coaches, focusing on each athlete's progression and development.
•    Video analysis to enhance performance.
•    Organized ski preparation, instruction, and ski tuning.
•    Access to organized physical therapy, either during travel or on-site.
•    Guidance and support for physical training, including fitness and trampoline training.
•    Liaison with national ski federations on behalf of athletes, with an open line of communication with FIS.
•    Content creation throughout the season for athletes' social media and partnerships.

In addition, we offer the following services if required:

•    Guidance and support for social media presence.
•    Assistance and advice on sponsors and partnerships.


Experience the camaraderie and growth of our team by joining us for trainings, competitions, or camps.

We understand that not everyone can commit to a full-time program. Therefore, we offer flexible drop-in sessions, granting athletes the opportunity to join us for a specific period of time when we are training or competing in a particular location, based on availability.

In addition to our comprehensive program for the main team, we also provide customized packages tailored to individual athletes' requirements. Whether an athlete seeks coaching, support during competitions, or wishes to participate in specific training sessions or camps, we can create a package that suits their needs.

Athletes have the freedom to join our team on a part-time basis or selectively engage in specific aspects of our services. These personalized packages are developed through open dialogue and collaboration with the athletes, ensuring that their unique needs are met. We are dedicated to crafting a package that fulfills all their requirements and helps them excel.


Joining Our Team

At our core, fostering a strong team dynamic is one of our top priorities. We value athletes who embody the mindset and work ethic outlined on our mission page. To be considered for our esteemed full-time program, we arrange interviews with the athlete, their national ski federation, and/or parents. This ensures a harmonious fit, allowing us to provide the best possible support.


In the upcoming winter season 2023/2024, our full-time program will be focused on training for and competing on the World Cup circuit. To ensure the right fit for our team, we have established baseline requirements for consideration:

•    Athlete possesses experience in halfpipe skiing.
•    Athlete is either planning to compete in or has already participated in World Cup events.
•    Ability to make the necessary financial commitment to join the full-time program.
•    Minimum age of 14 years.

For drop-in sessions and customized programs, we assess each case individually to determine the best fit. For example, we extend opportunities to athletes who are newer to the sport, allowing them to train alongside our team. We encourage you to reach out to us without hesitation to discuss the possibilities.

For further information, kindly use the contact form to get in touch with us

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