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International Halfpipe Team

What we do

We are a fully organized international halfpipe team. We take care of every aspect that comes with traveling and competing on the highest level. We truly unburden our athletes so they can focus on what is most important, skiing. We offer a full-time program that takes care of organizing, planning, budgeting, and all other elements of the sport. Our athletes compete on a World Cup level or aspire to.


We create a full season plan that is in the best interest for all athletes on the team. Besides the overall planning we create individual programs. We travel to preseason training camps and follow the World Cup circuit.


We have a very experienced team with knowledge about organizing, planning and firsthand experience of competing on a World Cup level.

Why we do it

Take a look at the bigger national teams with successful athletes, what do they have in common? Their programs are well set-up and organized. These teams plan in advance, budget properly and support their athletes in every way. They truly relieve these athletes so they can focus on skiing, progression and reaching their full potential.


For most athletes this is the dream, being on a team takes away the stress of organizing, planning, budgeting, and the battle of doing it all as an individual. Unfortunately for a lot of athletes having an organized team is an unobtainable luxury, only a few countries have a fully supported team. So as an individual athlete, where do you start?


When your nation doesn’t have a national team, or you don’t meet the requirements to be part of their team, what other choice do you have? Doing it individually seems like the only way. We came up with a better plan. Not a national team but an international team, bringing together all individual athletes and creating that support system that every athlete wants but also needs.

What we offer

Full-time program

Our full-time program is our main program. We organize and schedule everything for the athletes on the full-time team. Planning all trainings and competitions throughout the entire winter season. This program focuses on October through March. But it is not limited to the winter season.


This program is for athletes who already compete on the World Cup circuit or aspire to. The program is developed to unburden the athletes and help them reach their full potential in every way. We offer great support and individual training plans to ensure the athletes progression to reach their personal goals.

Drop in & Customized program

We understand not everyone has the possibility to join a full-time program. Therefore, we offer drop-in sessions. 


For our main team we offer a full program, but we also do customized packages for individual athletes. Athletes who might only need coaching, and/or support during competitions, or for those wanting to join for a specific training or camp.


Athletes can join the team part-time or only join certain aspects of our services. These customized packages are created in conversation with the athletes.

Who we are

No wasted potential on our team

As individual athletes with little to no support we never had the opportunity to reach our full potential. Taking care of everything around our sport took away from the ability to solely focus on skiing. We think a lot of talent and potential gets wasted due to athletes circumstances. We’re passionate to change that. We want to give the opportunity to athletes from smaller and/or unorganized nations. We are passionate about making a real impact in these athletes lives, to truly unburden them and see them grow.

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