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International Halfpipe Team

What we do

We are a well-organized international halfpipe team, dedicated to ensuring every aspect of our athletes' travel and competition at the highest level is taken care of. Our primary goal is to relieve our athletes of any burdens so that they can focus wholeheartedly on what truly matters: skiing. Through our comprehensive full-time program, we meticulously handle all aspects of organizing, planning, budgeting, and all other essential elements of the sport. Our athletes strive to either compete at the World Cup level or work towards attaining that caliber of competition.


At the core of our approach lies a thorough season plan, carefully tailored to benefit all athletes on our team. In addition to the overall planning, we craft individual programs that cater to each athlete's unique needs and aspirations. We prioritize preseason training camps and actively follow the World Cup circuit to ensure our athletes are well-prepared and positioned for success.


Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge in organizing, planning, and firsthand experience in competing at the World Cup level.

Why we do it

Consider the common traits shared by highly successful national teams and their accomplished athletes. One key factor stands out: their carefully organized and well-structured programs. These teams demonstrate exceptional foresight by planning ahead, allocating budgets effectively, and providing comprehensive support to their athletes. By alleviating the burdens of organization, these teams enable their athletes to concentrate on skiing, personal growth, and unlocking their full potential.

For most athletes, this ideal scenario represents a dream come true. Being part of a team eliminates the stress of handling logistics, planning, budgeting, and the challenges of going it alone. Sadly, for many athletes, the luxury of a fully supported team remains out of reach, limited to only a select few countries. So, as an individual athlete, where does one even begin?

When your country lacks a national team or you don't meet the requirements to join their ranks, it may seem like pursuing your athletic ambitions as an individual is the only viable option. However, we have developed a more advanced solution. Instead of a national team, we present an international team, uniting individual athletes and creating the support system that every athlete craves for and truly needs.

What we offer

Full-time program

Our flagship program is our comprehensive full-time program, designed to provide complete support and guidance to athletes. We take charge of organizing and scheduling all aspects of training and competitions throughout the entire winter season, with a primary focus from October to March. However, the benefits of this program extend beyond the winter season.

Tailored for athletes already competing on the World Cup circuit or those aspiring to do so, our program aims to alleviate the burdens they face and propel them towards reaching their utmost potential. We offer exceptional support and individualized training plans, ensuring their continuous progression and empowering them to achieve their personal goals.

Drop in & Customized program

We recognize that not everyone has the opportunity to participate in a full-time program. That's why we provide flexible drop-in sessions to accommodate different needs and preferences.

While our main team enjoys the benefits of our comprehensive program, we also offer customized packages for individual athletes. These tailored packages are designed to cater to specific requirements, whether an athlete seeks coaching, support during competitions, or wishes to join for a particular training session or camp.

Athletes have the option to join our team on a part-time basis or selectively participate in specific aspects of our services. These personalized packages are crafted through open communication and collaboration with each athlete, ensuring their unique needs are met.

Who we are

Unlocking every ounce of potential

As individual athletes without sufficient support, we were never afforded the chance to realize our full potential. The demands of managing every aspect of our sport detracted from our ability to wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to skiing. We strongly believe that an abundance of talent and potential goes to waste due to athletes' circumstances. It is our passion to bring about change. Our mission is to provide opportunities to athletes from smaller and/or unorganized nations. We are driven by a deep desire to make a tangible impact on their lives, freeing them from burdens and witnessing their remarkable growth.

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